Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [PROOF HACKS]
NEW! [18 JULY 2014!] VAC PROOF!

NEW UPDATE! (Added few new features and fixed some issues)


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Platforms: PC/PS3/XBOX 360

Any questions? Mail to me! I will reply to everyone in about 2 hours!

The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack's features include:

Aimbot with headshot lock
Autoshoot - automatically shoots for you
Auto Aim Down Sight - Automatically aims down the sight when a target is acquired
Radar ESP - Shows all enemies on the radar all the time
Weapon ESP - Shows what weapon your enemy has
Bone ESP - Shows your enemies bone layout
Name ESP - Shows your enemies name through walls
and much much more!!
Chopper Gunner Aimbot - A special aimbot for when you are flying in the chopper
Aimbot customization includes FOV control
Norecoil - Removes the guns kick when you are firing
Nospread - Removes all weapon bullet spread
The hack is amazing and it is incredibly easy to get ridiculous scores.